Pure Ceylon Tea is simply the best tea in the world. To this day, these same tea bushes are skillfully groomed on fertile rolling hills in the centre of the island, where crisp clean air abound. Two leaves and a bud are nimbly hand plucked and naturally processed assuring the best brew possible.
This time when you sip your tea, take a moment to savour the subtle flavours and imagine the leaf, the bud and the journey they made to find your pallet
Ingredient: Pure Ceylon Black Tea

Serial Number:QML102
Place of origin:Sri Lanka




Our company was founded in 2001, beginning as a family business that then grew into the thriving Tealia brand we are today. Our success came from our determination to listen to the needs of customers, and tailor our product to their satisfaction. As the amount of tea drinkers increases across the world, so too have we expanded to reach them all. Tealia is now available in many countries, Russia, China, Kuwait, the Czech Republic and New Zealand to name a few.

Our range includes a wide selection of vivid blends, carefully packed in pyramid bags and loose leaf to optimise the drinking experience. Each pyramid bag offers more room to fill with our mix of tea leaves, natural fruits, flowers, spices and herbs. Who said being healthy couldn’t be delicious? Just opening the boxes frees the delicate scent of each blend, from peach and vanilla to passionfruit and mint, enticing your senses and whetting your appetite.

We want your tea drinking to be an experience, a way to kick back from the stress of the day and find a delicious moment of peace and serenity. As well intoxicating flavour and sensation, Tealia also believes in sustainability. We make sure to select all our teas from plantations that follow ethical practices and conform to Rainforest Alliance standards.

We seek to create a space for all tea-lovers; to satisfy those who consider themselves connoisseurs, and to attract and delight the more tentative tea drinkers among us. Our ultimate aim is to create and provide the best premium blends for everyone’s taste.