2017/6/Chef Patissier of Pattiserie MOUNTAIN>

Naomi Mizuno
Chef Patissier of Pattiserie MOUNTAIN
Naomi Mizuno was born in 1978. He moved to Tokyo to become a patissier in 1997 and moved to France in 2002. After working in France for 2 years, he became a teacher at Futaba College of Confectionary in Tokyo, Japan. During his career in the college, he won a several national and international contests such as a champion of The World Chocolate Masters 2007.
In 2008, he was appointed as Callebaut Ambassador. Currently he is a chef pattisier of Pattiserie MOUNTAIN in Kyoto and recently reopened the shop in July 2016.

2017/06/14  Taichung branch
2017/06/15  Taipei
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